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Recipe: Preserving Summer Corn and Tomatoes

Martha Stewart
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frozen tomatoes


Pickling and canning are wonderful techniques for preserving summer’s harvest, but for an even easier way to enjoy warm-weather produce year-round, look to the freezer.

Fresh ears of corn and homegrown tomatoes retain their flavor and nutritional value for months in the freezer. And the right prefreezing preparation makes it simple to enjoy them once you’re ready to eat.

 How to Freeze Corn:

Save freezer space by shaving fresh kernels from the cob and storing them in resealable plastic bags. Martha uses a Bundt pan to remove the kernels. Here’s her technique:

1. Rest the flat end of the corn cob, husk removed, on top of the hole on the Bundt pan.

2. Using a sharp knife, cut kernels from the cob. They will fall right into the concave pan.

3. Transfer the kernels to a Ziploc bag with the date marked.

 How to Freeze Tomatoes:

Frozen tomatoes are ideal for sauce, and coring them with a paring knife before freezing makes it easier to peel them later on. After coring, freeze tomatoes in a resealable plastic bag, ensuring that the tomatoes do not touch each other while in the freezer.

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