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How to Live with a Real Christmas Tree That’s Fresh Cut

Renee Valdes
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How to live with a real Christmas tree ll The Home Depot Garden Club

A real Christmas tree that’s fresh cut brings natural beauty and fragrance to holiday decorating in your home. To some, a real Christmas tree harkens back to Christmas’ past with traditions that make them an enjoyable treat. A real Christmas tree fills your home with lasting memories.

But there’s more to their beauty than meets the eye. Real Christmas trees purchased at The Home Depot Garden Center bring real benefits, too. They’re sustainable.

6 benefits of Real Christmas trees for the Environment


How to live with a real Christmas tree that's fresh cut ll The Home Depot Garden Club

  1. Sequester carbon. Fresh-cut Christmas trees sequester carbon by absorbing it through their needles. A single farmed tree absorbs more than one ton of CO2 throughout its lifetime.
  2. Provide and produce oxygen. Through photosynthesis, trees release oxygen into the air and environment. Each acre of trees produces enough oxygen for the daily needs of 18 people.
  3. Plant more trees. For each Christmas tree harvested, up to three seedlings get planted the following spring, ensuring a healthy supply of trees.
  4. Reuse. The Home Depot partners with local recycling centers for “treecycling.” It’s through Earth 911 tree recycling programs that Christmas trees get recycled into mulch and used in landscaping and gardening. They’re also chipped and used for playground material, hiking trails, garden paths and walkways. 
  5. Prevent beach erosion. Christmas trees, when recycled, can be used for beachfront erosion prevention and lake and river shoreline stabilization.
  6. Make great wildlife habitats. When your tree is recycled, it can be dropped into ponds and other bodies of water so they become great fish habitats and feeding areas, especially as the woody stems break down and decompose, creating new forms of life. 


How to live with real Christmas tree ll The Home Depot Garden Club

how to care for your Fresh-Cut Christmas tree:

Once you’ve decided on what type of real Christmas tree you prefer in your home, use the following tips to care for your fresh-cut Christmas tree.

  1. Trim branches. Near the base, trim branches with a hand pruner or hand saw so your Christmas tree stand fits around your tree properly. You can save the live branches for garland around your mantel.
  2. Acclimate in bucket. Place your Christmas tree in a bucket or galvanized tub of water in a sheltered, unheated space to gradually introduce it to indoor temperatures in your home.
  3. Prepare your inside space. Determine where your Christmas tree stand will go and be sure to place a plastic sheet underneath the location as an extra precaution to protect flooring.
  4. Keep away from vents. Keep your tree away from any heating or air conditioning vents so it lasts throughout the season inside your home.
  5. Set up. Follow these specific directions on setting up and watering your live Christmas tree.