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Ready For Spring? Try Our Garden Club Quiz

Lynn Coulter
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Are You Ready For Spring? Try Our Garden Club Quiz

Image by Crepesoles/Shutterstock

Snowdrops open from late winter into very early spring, sometimes blooming through a crust of snow.


How did you do on our last quiz?

Many readers were close, but the first person to guess correctly was Teresa Sparger. Congratulations, Teresa! The answers were: 1. robin; 2. bluebird, baby bluebird, and meal worms; 3. eagle; 4. brown pelican.

Will you be ready when spring arrives? Find out with this week’s quiz.

1.    Roses need pruning in early spring, before the ___   ____ open.

2.   When you pick up a handful of garden soil in early spring, make it into a ball, and drop it, it should  _____ if the ground is ready to work.

3.    You can still grow plants that like cool weather.  Which of these should be planted only after the weather is reliably warm?

a. Snapdragons
b. Pansies
c. Violas
d. Broccoli
e. Acorn squash

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