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Prune To Boost Tropical Flowering Shrubs And Hedges

Home Depot
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garden tips by region prune tropicals

Lightly shape-up top performers like hibiscus, bougainvillea and oleanders today to keep tropical flowering shrubs and hedges exploding with color all season.

How to Prune Tropical Flowering Shrubs:

1. Cut dead, diseased and damaged wood with loppers or hand pruners.

2. Trim and shape stray branches.

3. Prune branches that grow inward to allow the shrub to get more sun and air.

4. Deadhead or cut fading flowers.

5. If you’re pruning frequently to keep size in check, you have chosen the wrong plant for the spot and should consider transplanting.

How to Prune Tropical Flowering Hedges:

1. Allow flowering hedges to grow naturally to maintain their unique shape.

2. Cut dead, diseased and damaged wood.

3. Shape with trimmer so hedge is wider at the base than at the top. This allows rain and sun to reach lower growth.

4. Trim hedges as needed to keep naturally shaped and under control.

Tip: You can remove a few stray shoots from shrubs or hedges any time of year.

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