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Juice Up Your Fruit Trees. Prune Now.

Home Depot
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Duration: 1 hour


Prune Fruit Trees - ST - 580x330

Fruit trees look beautiful in the garden and reward you with healthy treats from zesty lemons to juicy oranges.

The trick to getting an even larger harvest next season and a healthier tree all year round is to prune fruit trees now.  

How to Prune Fruit Trees:  

  1. Use the right tool for each size branch: a hand pruner for small branches up to the width of your middle finger, a lopper to cut branches 2″-3” wide, a pruning saw for branches up to 6” in diameter, and a chainsaw for larger limbs.
  2. Remove dead, diseased and deformed branches. Cut away one of any crossed branches.
  3. Cut away branches growing straight up, called water spouts.
  4. Strengthen trees by cutting off branches that are not growing at about a 45 degree angle in relation to the trunk.

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