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Prepare Plants for Spring

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2-4 hours



In very early spring, even before the snow has completely melted, flowers wake up and seek the warmth of the sun. This is the perfect time to pull back any snow, debris or mulch from the plants and to remove any coverings you placed over the plants to protect them over winter. 

Plants need to get acclimated to brighter light and cooler air before they can handle warmer temperatures and strong sunlight.

Pull Back Mulch, Snow and Other Debris:

  1. Inspect your garden on a day when temperatures have been above freezing for a week. Look for areas with emerging new foliage, which can be green, pink, white, yellow, purple or red.
  2. With gloved hands or a hand rake, gently pull mulch back from around plants, being careful not to damage any new growth. Start at the crown of a plant and expose the soil a few inches around all sides.
  3. Press back into the ground any plants that were heaved out by frost.
  4. If severe weather or unusually low temperatures are forecast, be prepared to cover exposed plants with flower pots, sheets or row covers. Remove each morning, or when temperatures are consistently above freezing.

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