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Prep and Organize Your Shed

Michael Nolan
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Storage Shed and Tools

Now is the time to organize and rearrange the shed to prepare for spring.

Remove everything from the storage area and give it a good cleaning with a heavy duty all-purpose cleaner. Just in case you need some extra help, Mold Armor makes easy work of removing stubborn mold and mildew. Sweep or use a shop vac to remove dust and cobwebs that may have accumulated. 

Now you have a clean slate to work with, but before you start putting everything back inside, take the time to give your tools and equipment a thorough examination to ensure that they are all in good working order:

  • Give hand tools a light coat of oil and they will be easier to clean and rust-free when you need them.
  • Inspect hoses on gas-powered equipment looking for signs of wear and replace them as needed. Check the oil, add gas and start them to make sure everything will be ready when you are.

When you begin to return everything to the shed, make ease of access your first consideration. While you may have had snow shovels and deicing products within reach during the winter, you should occupy that space with fertilizers, weed killers and those lawn and garden tools that you use most often in spring. Don’t forget to use vertical space efficiently. Tool hangers can be affixed to the walls of your shed to keep long handled rakes, shovels and other tools out of valuable floor space.

If your shed has seen better days or if you just need more space, the Big Max Storage Shed by Rubbermaid offers an impressive 49 square feet (332 cubic feet) of storage space with a 5 foot door opening that is ample for riding lawn mowers and other large outdoor equipment. It also comes with adapters that allow you to add shelving, pegboard, and accessories.

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