Power Up Your Garden and Yard with New Tools

Lucy Mercer
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Outdoor Power | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Give your landscape some love this season with power tools that make lawn chores easier. Clean technology makes light work of dirty jobs like mowing and edging lawns, trimming hedges and tidying up the landscape.

Gas-powered tools are still the best choice for heavy-duty work, but if you have a small space, corded and cordless electric tools are efficient and increasingly more powerful. It all depends on how much space you need to cover.

If you have half an acre or less of grass to maintain, consider a cordless battery push mower. These guys won’t disturb the neighbors as you power through your honey-do list early on Saturday morning. You can even mow late at night; the Ryobi features high-intensity LED lights to guide the way. The Ryobi mower can be stored vertically when not in use. Get your lawn mower questions answered in the lawn mowers buying guide.


Power Tools | The Home Depot's Garden Club

A handheld leaf blower is indispensable when maintaining a tree-shaded driveway or deck. It’s not just for fall leaves: pine straw, debris, sand and dust can gather on your patio or deck and a handheld blower makes quick work of the clean up.

Consider it a power broom, able to sweep up your outdoor space in a snap. A gas powered blower is still the way to go if you have a lot of territory to cover, but if your space is small, corded electric blowers will go as far as your extension cord allows. Electrics eliminate the need for fuel and oil, and winterizing requires little more than cleaning and storing. 

A hybrid blend of the corded and cordless worlds, the Ryobi ONE+ Corded or Cordless Leaf Blower allows you to plug in for work close to your power source, and untether for unlimited mobility. The Ryobi ONE+ battery can be used in more than 70 Ryobi ONE+ tools. 

Safety tip: When using leaf blowers, be sure to protect your ears and your eyes.


Power Tools | The Home Depot's Garden Club

String trimmers get into tight spots that lawn mowers can’t reach, like around fence posts and trees. Use a string trimmer to maintain a crisp edge along sidewalks and driveways.

String trimmers can be gas-powered, corded electric or cordless electric. The cordless string trimmers are nearly as heavy as the gas-powered options, making corded electric models a popular choice if maneuverability is important to you. Corded electric is the least expensive option, as well. With both corded and cordless electrics, there’s the advantage of no fuel, no fumes, and no pull handles.


Power Tools | The Home Depot's Garden Club

A power hedge trimmer will keep your shrubs shipshape. As with string trimmers, gas models bring more power to the plate, but electric models weigh less. Cordless technology means easy starts, portability and no fuss with fueling. Cordless hedge trimmers can handle stems up to 3/4 inches thick.

Safety Tips: Look for trimmers that lock in the “off” position to prevent children from accidentally engaging them. Dual switches are safer, too.  Learn more about hedge trimmers in The Home Depot’s Buying Guide 

As with all power tools, try them out in the store to see how they feel. Make sure the handles are comfortable and that the weight isn’t fatiguing. Keep safety in mind when using these power tools. Be sure to wear safety glasses, and when using trimmers and chainsaws, wear long pants, boots and gloves.

Pressure washers keep decks, patios, sidewalks and houses squeaky clean. A good rule of thumb to determine your need is the psi rating. 1,500-2,000 is recommended for small jobs around the house. Look for a pressure washer with 2,800 psi for larger jobs. 

The Home Depot rents tools, too. Check out The Home Depot’s Tool Rental Center for more information.

Learn more about outdoor power tools in this video:

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