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Pot Up Some Pretty Parsley

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour



Cool winter months are the perfect time to fill pots with pretty parsley, which grows happily in summer warmth or winter chill. 

Grow flat-leafed Italian parsley, favored by many cooks for its fresh sweet flavor, or vibrantly green curly parsley. Flat-leafed parsley grows into a tall, upright plant, so two seedlings will fill a 12-inch container. Curled parsley is more compact, and combines beautifully with small clumps of chives. While parsley can be grown from seed, starting with seedlings will save you about 8 weeks.

Plant Parsley in Five Steps:

  1. Water seedlings until water drips from the bottom of the container.
  2. Fill containers almost to the rim with organic potting soil. Remove the seedlings from their containers by pressing on the bottom, taking care not to bruise the roots. Plant seedlings in containers at the same depth they were growing before and water thoroughly. Plant pairs of seedlings per every 12 inches of container. 
  3. Place pots in a sunny spot and keep soil moist at all times. New leaves will emerge from the plants’ centers in approximately one week.
  4. Fertilize parsley with a water-soluble, organic plant food every two weeks.
  5. Harvest individual stems from the outside of the plants by cutting them off close to the base. Trim off any yellow or broken leaves.

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