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Grow a Living Carpet. Plant Flowering Ground Covers Now.

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Difficulty: Beginner

Garden tips by region flowering thyme

If you’ve got problems with erosion or weeds, or bare spots that are hard to fill, we’ve got your solution: flowering ground covers. These low-growing, spreading plants help keep soil from washing away and keep weeds at bay.

There are ground covers for almost every spot. While many like well-drained soil, others grow in moist areas. Some prefer sun while others like dry shade. Some don’t mind being walked on, making them great accents for paths and walkways. Others, like thyme, sweet woodruff, and Lily of the Valley, release a sweet scent when brushed against.

How to Plant Ground covers:

  1. Choose the right plant for the right spot. Do your plants need sun or shade, moist or dry soil, or somewhere in between? Select plants for your growing conditions.
  2. Remove and rake weeds, grass, rocks and sticks from your planting area.
  3. Spread 2-3” of compost and mix it into the soil with a shovel or garden fork.
  4. Put your plants on top of the soil in staggered rows. Read the tags to know how far apart to space them. Most ground covers can be spaced 8-12” apart.
  5. Remove the plants from their pots and untangle their roots. Plant them no deeper than they were growing in their pots. Gently firm the soil around them.
  6. Water thoroughly and add 2-3” of mulch.

Isn’t that easy? Once the plants get established, they’ll crowd out most weeds and make those old, bare spots beautiful.

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