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Planter Styles to Complete Your Spring

Home Depot
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Planters for Spring

Presented by Southern Patio

With bolder and more functional gardening trends popping up every season, choosing planter styles to complete your patio has become easier and more enjoyable.

Patio decor ultimately reflects your personal style and the impression you want to leave on guests, but can also include other benefits as well.

Planters for Spring

Selecting planters with bright colors and glossy finishes, such as the Acid Stained Square Planter, shown above, will draw attention to nooks and corners. Planting succulents in a shallow bowl, such as the neutral-colored Irish Cream Sydney Bowl, can create a beautiful centerpiece on any patio table. 


Planters for Spring

When selecting the right planter for your patio, you should take into consideration style, and practicality as well. While round, square or tall planters might work best for larger areas, vertical gardens can help save room in smaller spaces.

The Black Newbury Self-Watering Hanging Basket not only takes gardening off the ground, it reduces watering frequency as well. The Light Terracotta Newbury Self-Watering Planter also helps with water conservation.


Planters for Spring

Speaking of maintenance, pre-drilled holes are important for water drainage and are included in most planters such as the Irish Cream Caylo.

There are also added benefits of picking certain planter constructions like resin. Not only are resin pots a cost-friendly alternative to heavier planters with higher price points, but most are weather-resistant. The Rustic Oak Resin Whiskey Barrel contains built-in UV protectors for protection against color fading.

When choosing planter styles to complete your patio, keep in mind your personal tastes in decor, while considering how different shapes can enhance your space. Purchasing planters within your budget that include added benefits will also ensure a perfect gardening experience.

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