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Plant a Whiskey Barrel Garden in Your Outdoor Space

Renee Valdes
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Difficulty: Beginner


Whiskey barrel garden

If you prefer the classic container garden style, try planting a whiskey barrel planter in your outdoor space.

A whiskey barrel garden can bring plenty of seasonal beauty, depending on what you plant inside. These containers look beautiful by the front door, work well in tight spaces such as porches and balconies, and will look  great underneath a mailbox.

Better yet, you can cluster several together for a rustic display.

Whiskey barrel planter

To create a whiskey barrel garden, first determine what you’ll plant, whether flowers, edibles, foliage and small shrubs, or a mix of several types. Check out these ideas for color combinations for container gardens.

Another idea is planting your whiskey barrel container around a theme, such as a salsa or pollinator garden. For a pollinator garden, consider bright and colorful flowers such as alyssum, daylily, bee balm, verbena and zinnia to attract nectar-loving butterflies, bees and more. For a salsa garden, just imagine how delicious homemade salsa will taste with homegrown tomatoes, jalapenos and cilantro from your whiskey barrel container. For another twist, consider adding tomatillos.


Whiskey Barrel Planter

3 steps to planting a whiskey barrel container garden:

  1. Prep your container. Make sure your whiskey barrel has plenty of drainage in the bottom so water can flow out. To help drainage, add a small layer of landscape river rocks or pea pebbles, broken pot pieces, or other filler material
  2. Add potting soil. Fill the container about 3/4 full with potting soil. Use organic potting soil if you’re planting edibles. 
  3. Plant the garden. Arrange your plants using the thriller, filler, spiller design formula, then dig holes and plant using gardening gloves and a hand trowel. Be sure to water your container thoroughly after planting. During dry spells, give your plants a soaking several times a week. Fertilize according to directions on the plant tags.


Whiskey Barrel Planter | The Home Depot's Garden Club

The durability of whiskey barrel planters make them an excellent gardening solution. Made of thick wood or lightweight resin, whiskey barrels will stand the test of time and add a classic look to your outdoor space.

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