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Save Money. Start Flower Seeds Outdoors Now.

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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour

garden tips by region - start flower seeds

Seeds are incredible. Your garden will bloom with colorful flowers when you add soil, water and sunshine. Inexpensive seeds are great for filling space and for gardeners on a budget.

Start seeds now to have a vibrant garden this fall.

To Start Flower Seeds Outdoors:  

  1. Decide how much sun your garden gets and then buy seeds for sun or shade.  
  2. Read seed packets to know how and when to plant.  
  3. Clear the area of weeds and debris.
  4. Turn over soil, breaking up clumps. Remove rocks and roots.
  5. Rake soil smooth.
  6. Plant seeds at the depth recommended on the seed packet. Label varieties.
  7. Compress seeds lightly, making sure not to bury them.
  8. Water gently until seedlings are 4-6″ tall. Don’t let the soil dry out.

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