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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


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One of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring, potted primroses brighten indoor spaces and are a sure cure for the winter blues. Blooming non-stop for more than a month, a perky primrose on your kitchen table is sure to delight.

When blooms taper off and spring-flowering bulbs begin to show outdoors, transplant your primrose to a spot outdoors that gets partial sun in spring. The plant will not bloom again this year, but will return for many seasons to come as a happy sign of spring.

Celebrate Spring with a Perky Primrose:

  1. Choose a plant showing only a few open blooms. Primrose blossoms have yellow centers with bicolored petals in red, blue, yellow, white and many shades in between. Primroses with single flowers tend to be tougher plants than those with frilled double-blossoms, so they are more likely to succeed when transplanted outdoors.
  2. Remove any old flowers or injured leaves.
  3. Display your primrose by slipping its nursery pot inside a slightly larger, more decorative container, which does not need to have drainage holes.
  4. Water every few days to keep the soil moderately moist at all times.
  5. Choose an outdoor spot that is naturally moist and shady in summer when ready to transplant. Dig a hole eight inches deep and wide, mix in a quart or so of compost, and set the plant in place at the same depth it grew in its pot. Water well, and mulch around the plant to keep the soil moist and free of weeds.

Tip: Your primrose will bloom longer if it is exposed to chilly temperatures at night, as happens outdoors in early spring. Conditions near a north window may be close to perfect, or you can move your primrose to the coolest room in your house at night.

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