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Pack a Punch. Plant Poinsettias Outdoors.

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Poinsettia - ST - 560x330

While traditionally used as indoor holiday décor, poinsettias pack a punch when planted outside. 

The big, bold flowers that make poinsettias the most popular holiday plant look great when used as accent plants, planted in mass in garden beds or grouped to form flowering hedges. Their long bloom time and ease of care make them great as container plants as well.

And while once your only choices were red or white, poinsettias now come in different colors, sizes and patterns to suit any style.

Bring holiday cheer to your landscape with poinsettias.

Planting Your Poinsettia Outdoors:

  1. Select a sunny location with lots of room. Poinsettias are shrubs that can grow as high as 10’.
  2. Dig a wide hole, no deeper than the depth of the plant’s container. Place the plant in the hole, backfill with soil, and water thoroughly.
  3. Feed with an all-purpose plant food for flowers.
  4. Add 2”-3” of mulch, keeping the mulch away from the base of the plant.
  5. Or, pop a poinsettia into your favorite outdoor container and top with decorative moss.

Caring for Your Poinsettia Indoors:

  1. Place in a sunny window or bright location. Don’t let leaves or flowers touch cold windowpanes. Avoid drafts of cold or hot air, which can cause leaves to drop.
  2. Water when the soil is dry. A plant that’s too dry will drop its lower leaves, while overwatering causes lower leaves to turn yellow. Do not leave the plant in standing water.


Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are not poisonous to humans or pets. 

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