Time To Plant Plump Peas And Crunchy Carrots

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Difficulty: Intermediate


Peas and carrots | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Early winter means it’s time to plant sweet, succulent peas and crunchy carrots. These vegetables are easy to grow in cooler weather. Grow snow peas, snap peas or shelling peas and a companion crop of carrots you can harvest at the same time. Winter never tasted so good.

Plant Peas and Carrots:  

  1. Select a spot that gets at least six hours of sun daily.
  2. Remove weeds to prepare the bed.
  3. Mix in 2″ of compost and balanced organic or time release fertilizer. Follow label instructions for how much to apply.
  4. Attach a trellis, netting or any type of fencing to stakes spaced 2′ apart. Plant peas 2″ deep and 2″ apart in rows on either side of the trellis. Peas like to be crowded, so plant plenty of seeds.
  5. Loosen soil deeply in carrot bed and rake smooth. Plant carrots 1′ deep and 1′ apart in rows spaced at least 6″. Cover lightly with 1/2″ of soil.
  6. Water and keep moist until seedlings emerge, usually seven-10 days.

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