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Embrace the Tropics. Plant Palm Trees Now.

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 2 hours

garden tips by region - plant palm trees 

Palm trees deliver tropical style like no other plant. There are many varieties, from short and bushy to tall, dramatic trees that sway in the breeze. And now, while the soil is warm, is the best time to plant them.

Any tree is a long-term commitment, so pick one that suits your needs and will fit the space for years to come. Ask your Garden Center associate for suggestions as to which palm will look and fit best in your yard.

How to Plant a Palm Tree:

  1. Choose where you want your palm, keeping in mind how much sun or shade it needs. Be sure the soil drains well.
  2. Dig a hole twice as wide as the palm’s container, giving the roots room to grow.
  3. Place the palm in the hole deep enough so that the roots are about an inch below the soil’s surface.
  4. Backfill with soil and water thoroughly. Don’t let the soil dry out.
  5. Feed the tree with a fertilizer specifically designed for palms.
  6. Mulch up to 6” from the base of the trunk. Never use mulch made from other palms, as it may contain disease organisms.

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