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Plant an Organic Whiskey Barrel Garden

Home Depot
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Whiskey Barrel | The Home Depot's Garden Club

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Whether you find a diamond in the rough at a flea market or pick one up at the store, a whiskey barrel is your best bet for a new planter.

And no matter your taste — flowers, veggies or herbs — your favorite plants are sure to take root in their new home.

All you need are the right ingredients to grow a natural, good-for-you organic garden.

Ready to get started? Watch the video:

Follow these five simple steps to get growing.


  1. Prep. When using a whiskey barrel, make sure it has drainage holes in the bottom to let the water out. Fill your container three-fourths full with Nature’s Care Organic Potting Mix to give your plants a sturdy and nourishing foundation. This potting mix also helps to absorb water like a sponge to protect against over- and under-watering.
  2. Plant. It’s time to make a game plan. Arrange your plants while still in their containers, taller ones in the back and trailing or low plants in the front — don’t let those little plants get covered up! Remember to add some pops of color with flowers or bright veggies. Now that you have your arrangement in mind, gently take your plants out of their containers, loosen the roots and set them in your barrel. Fill in the spaces between them with your organic potting mix.
  3. Feed and water. Water your containers thoroughly until water runs out of the drainage holes. After about a month, start feeding your plants regularly.  
  4. Enjoy. Bring some friends over to enjoy your new garden and claim your DIY bragging rights!

  5. Keep them happy. Keep critters from helping themselves. Nature’s Care® garden helpers are gentle and made for edibles to stop pests and diseases from enjoying your plants before you do.

After you plant your whiskey barrel garden, see our tips for keeping your container gardens alive in summer heat.

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