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Plant These 5 Low-Maintenance Perennials Now

Renee Valdes
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Fall favorites in the garden l The Home Depot Garden Club

With cooler temperatures and fewer pests in fall, now is a great time for planting low-maintenance perennials for lasting color through the first frost.

Besides being low-maintenance, these plants keep pollinators buzzing. They’re also heat hardy, so you can water less and save money in your garden.

Since perennials return again and again, now is the perfect time to plant these no-fail bloomers.

5 No-Fuss Perennials to Plant in Fall

Daylilies bring bang for the buck in a perennial garden ll The Home Depot Garden Club

1. Daylily

Fall is an excellent time to plant daylilies. These attractive flowers burst into action in spring and by planting different varieties, you’re sure to get blooms up until the first frost. 

Daylilies wow with the most beautiful, fragrant blooms of all the drought-tolerant and low-maintenance plants. Like many bulbs, daylilies store extra water, making them drought-tolerant.

Plant in full to partial sun. Water to establish, then as needed.


Echinacea blooms well into fall ll The Home Depot Garden Club

2. Echinacea

Dependable echinacea is a perennial must for every garden. Known also as coneflower, echinacea grows up to 5 feet tall in full sun. They’re not only easygoing but they’re a great companion to other flowers and plants. 

These beauties make excellent cut flowers and attract birds and butterflies to your garden. If you have time to deadhead the spent blooms, these flowers last until the first frost.

Echinacea is definitely among the perennials you can’t kill!


Black Eyed Susan | The Home Depot's Garden Club

3. Rudbeckia

Nectar-loving pollinators will flock to Rudbeckia, more commonly known as black-eyed Susan.

These daisy-like flowers easily multiply in your garden, giving you free flowers that bring a sunny yellow show when they wave in the breeze.

Rudbeckia is low-maintenance as its flowers survive in heat and extreme times of drought. Plant in masses as a border or in a container as companions with ornamental grasses.


Gaillardia in the garden l The Home Depot Garden Club

4. Gaillardia

From early summer through fall, Gaillardia bursts with striking, vivid flowers. Known also as blanket flower, these hardy bloomers make for a bold accent in your flower garden, and they can grow up to 75 blooms at once. As a result, hummingbirds and butterflies flock to Gaillardia.

This repeat bloomer is traditionally rust-colored with a yellow rim, though some newer varieties feature red and burgundy colors.

Just give these flowers sun and they’ll provide plenty of color into fall.


Stonecrop sedum is as low-maintenance as plants get ll The Home Depot Garden Club

5. Stonecrop Sedum

Stonecrop sedum is so dependable, it is in the top five no-fuss perennials.This dependable succulent grows up to three feet tall while other varieties provide great ground cover.

That makes it one of the best low-maintenance perennials around. Look for varieties such as ‘Autumn Joy’ to bring amazing beauty to your garden with its star-shaped pink flowers that eventually turn red as the weather cools down.

Sedum spreads dependably and easily propagates by pruning stems and replanting in new locations. 

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