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Plant Fast-Growing Greens Now

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate


Plant peppery arugula, vigorous leaf lettuce and nutty spinach seeds now for the freshest salads, soups and sandwiches all winter. Plus, picking greens from your garden reduces trips to the grocery store and keeps more green in your wallet.

Plant Arugula, Lettuce and Spinach:  

  1. Remove weeds from existing bed.
  2. Use a spading fork to mix in a balanced organic or time-release fertilizer. Follow directions for how much to use.
  3. Rake soil smooth. Make three parallel planting trenches, 6” apart and 1/2″ deep. Sprinkle the three types of seeds evenly into the three trenches, 1” apart.
  4. Cover seeds with 1/4″ of soil. Pat soil firmly around the lettuce seeds only.
  5. Water lightly.
  6. Keep the bed weeded and watered.
  7. Gradually thin plants to 4” apart by pulling out the smallest ones. Thinning produces healthier plants and more produce.
  8. Extend your season by planting more seeds in three weeks.

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