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Plant A Drought Tolerant Garden For An Easy Summer

Home Depot
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plant drought tolerant garden

Drought tolerant perennials and grasses look great with minimal care throughout fall. Top performers for sun include yarrow, lavender, coneflower, black-eyed Susan and sedum. Cyclamen, hosta, heuchera and ferns are can’t-miss shade plants. Add a graceful sway to the landscape with grasses like muhly, switch or zebra. While most grasses prefer sun, many do fine in shade, such as carex or mondo.

Try These Easy Combos:

  • Autumn Joy sedum, fountain grass and black-eyed Susan
  • Purple coneflower, Russian sage and lamb’s ear
  • Heuchera, Japanese painted fern and carex

How to Plant and Care for Perennials and Grasses:

1. Pick your spot. Dig a hole twice as wide and the same depth as the pot. Work in several handfuls of compost and slow-release fertilizer as directed.
2. Submerge the plant in a bucket of water or soak with a hose before planting.
3. Remove the plant from its pot, loosen roots and place in the hole. Fill gaps with soil, pressing as you go.
4. Spread 2-3” of mulch around plants.
5. Water immediately and keep moist during the first month. Even drought tolerant plants need time to establish with regular watering.
6. Deadhead perennials to encourage new blooms.


To conserve more water, plant in untilled beds. Amend soil only in individual planting holes rather than tilling an entire bed.

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