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Some Like It Hot. Plant Flowers That Love the Heat Today, Like Lantana and Verbena.

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Difficulty: Beginner

Garden tips by region lantana-blossoms

Are your plants starting to sag and wilt in the heat? Hot and sunny days test the strength of many flowers. To boost your garden beds and containers even on the hottest days and keep the color booming all summer long, plant annual flowers that love hot weather.

Flowers like lantana, verbena and petunias planted alone, with other combinations or among perennials, are the perfect choices for staying power on steamy summer days.

How to Plant Heat-Tolerant Annual Flowers:

  1. Purchase healthy, well-watered plants. Look for drought tolerant and/or heat tolerant on the plant tag. If you’re unsure, ask your Garden Center associate.
  2. Test the soil in your garden bed to see what amendments are needed. (See more on soil tests.) If planting in containers, use a potting mix with moisture control to help keep water in and feed the roots for less frequent watering.
  3. Mix some compost into the soil.
  4. Use a trowel to dig individual holes, or a shovel to dig a bed for a lot of plants.
  5. Remove the plants from their pots and gently loosen the roots. Never pull the plant out by the flowers or stems.
  6. Plant the flowers as deep as the container they were in, fill the hole with remaining soil and gently pat down around the roots.
  7. Water thoroughly and feed with a plant food blended for flowers.
  8. Mulch 2-3” around the newly planted flowers to help keep moisture in the soil.

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