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Plant a Colorful, Water Smart Garden

Home Depot
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Purple coneflowers are heat tolerant, water smart perennials. 

Presented by Scotts Miracle-Gro

Sweltering summer sun can wilt and weaken water-loving plants. Want to keep seasonal color going long and strong into fall, without becoming a slave to your watering can? Plant a water-smart garden. Create a garden using plants and flowers that require less watering, along with moisture-retaining garden soil and mulch.

Here are some tools, tips, helpers and an easy DIY project to help you become water-wise and garden great.


Lantana is a heat tolerant plant.




Mulching plants helps them retain water.



  1. Pick your spot. This part is easy. Decide where you want your color pops, whether the sunniest part of the yard, along a fence line or right by the front door.

  2. Step up the soil. Mix in a high-quality garden soil to help improve native soil, and make it easier for roots to reach down deep for much-needed water and nutrients. Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Garden Soil contains Sphagnum peat moss, coir, bark fines, a wetting agent and plant food so it maintains an ideal balance of air, moisture, nutrients and drainage. (It’s good for plants and means you’ll water less, too.)
  3. Plan your planting. Arrange plants into an attractive pattern, featuring taller plants in back, smaller ones in front. Don’t forget to let Mother Nature be your guide, varying colors, textures and styles in a slightly random, casual fashion. Hint: Make a quick sketch on paper to plot out your plan first.

  4. Plant. Now comes the fun part: Dig in! But make sure you leave some growing room between and around plants. Always read the plant label for proper spacing.

  5. Protect. Add a 3-inch layer of Earthgro by Scotts. Mulch helps stop nutrient-robbing weeds by blocking their access to sunlight. Plus, Earthgro by Scotts helps conserve soil moisture while it moderates soil and plant temperatures. 
  6. Feed and water. To make your new garden truly water-smart, use a soaker hose or drip irrigation system set on a timer. Position it to direct water to the base of the plants. And to make feeding as easy as watering, use the LiquaFeed Universal Feeder from Miracle-Gro. Simply attach the feeder to an outside spigot using any hose attachment, such as a sprinkler, sprayer, or even that trusty old soaker hose.

That’s it. Here’s to another water-smart gardening project!


Soaker hose

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