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Weekly Gardening Tips for Your Area


Map Out the Garden of Your Dreams. Start Planning Now.

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Difficulty: Beginner

Garden tips by region planning-map-measuring-tape

Some gardens make you green with envy. You wonder how the owners grow such beautiful, carefree flowers. They’d probably say having a plan makes it easier.

With just a pencil and paper, you, too, can have an ideal yet manageable garden.

To Plan Your Garden:

  1. If you’re new to gardening or your time or space is limited, start small. A 5’ x 5’ or 10’ x 10’ garden is a good size for beginners.
  2. Gather pictures for inspiration and look around at neighbors’ gardens to see what you like. Browse gardening books and magazines at The Home Depot.
  3. Pick a site for your garden. If you want sun-loving flowers, find a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sun each day. Otherwise, plan to grow flowers that thrive in partial sun or shade.
  4. Choose plants that flower at different times, so you’ll always have something in bloom throughout the growing season.
  5. Think about how big the plants will be when they mature, so you’ll know how much space they need. You can find this information on the plant tags or in The Home Depot Garden Club Plant Database.
  6. Sketch your garden spot and pencil in what you want to grow.
  7. Refer back to your sketch when you’re ready to dig, so you’ll remember where each plant goes.

When you choose flowers that thrive in your climate, you’re on your way to a gorgeous garden. Enjoy your blooms!

Product Checklist:

  • Graph or sketch paper
  • Pencil

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