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Plan the Year with The Home Depot Garden Club Calendar

Lucy Mercer
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Plan the Year with The Home Depot's Garden Calendar

Want to know what’s ahead in your gardening year? We’ve put together this calendar to help you plan. From seed starting in the dark days of winter to building raised beds in spring, picking flower bouquets in summer and vegetable harvests in early fall, we’ve got your gardening year set. 

You can also access timely gardening tips in Pinterest-worthy infographic form in the Garden Club Monthly Calendar hub. 


Garden Calendar | The Home Depot's Garden Club


  • Set goals and make plans for your outdoor spaces.
  • Add tropical houseplants indoors to improve air quality.
  • Treat yourself to gardening gloves.

Seeds | The Home Depot's Garden Club


  • Start tomato and other vegetable seeds in peat pots.
  • Grow salad greens and herbs indoors with seed-starting trays.
  • Apply pre-emergent to prevent weeds in lawns.


Raised Garden Beds at The Home Depot's Garden Club


  • Build raised garden beds and cultivate vegetable garden beds.
  • Perform a soil test in your garden and amend the soil with compost.
  • Plant spring-flowering shrubs like azaleas.
  • Apply lawn fertilizer, repair and seed bare patches.

Seedlings | The Home Depot's Garden Club


  • Plant vegetables outside once soil warms to 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.
  • Feed new seedlings with a balanced fertilizer.
  • Direct sow veggies like cucumbers and watermelon after the year’s last frost.
  • Spread mulch to control weeds and conserve water.


Hanging Basket | The Home Depot's Garden Club


  • Pick up a hanging basket or orchid for your favorite mom.
  • Deter mosquitoes from the yard by eliminating standing water.
  • Plant annuals in flower beds and containers.
  • Stake or cage tomatoes.


Water Flowers | The Home Depot's Garden Club


  • Monitor and treat plants for pests.
  • Promote plant growth with regular fertilizing and watering.
  • Plant vegetables for a second harvest.
  • Check garden hoses and accessories and purchase new ones as needed.


Refresh your containers for Labor Day and beyond.


  • Ask a neighbor to water your plants while you’re away on vacation.
  • Harvest tomatoes and vegetables from the garden.
  • Enjoy homegrown watermelon on Independence Day.
  • Make plans for fall gardening projects.


Tomato Garlic & Basil | The Home Depot's Garden Club



Ornamental Grasses | The Home Depot's Garden Club



Pumpkins and Mums | The Home Depot's Garden Club


  • Add fall color with mums and pumpkins.
  • Rake and mulch leaves.
  • Plant trees, shrubs and spring-flowering bulbs.
  • Empty and put away garden hoses and accessories.


Paperwhites | The Home Depot's Garden Club


  • Force paperwhite narcissus and amaryllis for Christmas blooms.
  • Prepare next year’s flower beds, including rose beds.
  • Clean and store garden tools. Seal with gear oil and let dry.
  • Enjoy the bounty of your harvest at the Thanksgiving table.


Christmas Tree Dress | The Home Depot's Garden Club


  • Find the perfect fresh-cut Christmas tree.
  • Decorate with poinsettias and evergreen garland, and create a Christmas Tree Dress.
  • Clean and store power tools for winter.
  • Choose orchids and tropical houseplants for gift-giving.

Keep your garden calendar as close to you as your Pinterest board when you save and share this Garden Club calendar infographic:

Plan Your Gardening Year | The Home Depot's Garden Club


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