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Plan the Perfect Salad Garden

Michael Nolan
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THD-salad-raised-bed-womanLettuce talk about salad!

We all know we should be eating more fresh greens, but they are easy to forget when you don’t have all of the necessary ingredients. The good news is that you can start now to plan the perfect salad garden and have fresh salad fixings all season long. When the produce aisle is just outside your door, it is so much easier to make healthy food choices.


Lettuce is one of the easiest garden vegetables to grow, and home grown salad greens are often more tasty and undeniably fresher than what you can buy.  Iceberg may be the most popular lettuce on supermarket shelves, but it isn’t the only game in town when you can grow your own. Because they thrive in cooler weather, fresh salad greens are also one of the earliest edibles you can grow. For variety, choose two or three different lettuces to grow.

A good rule of thumb is to select one that you know and love (Romaine is a great option) and then choose one you are less familiar with, like peppery arugula or spicy (and grill-friendly) radicchio.


Radishes are a great salad garden choice. They offer color, texture, and flavor to your salad and the greens are edible as well! What’s more, radishes go from seed to plate in 3-4 weeks!


Plant spring onions after the last frost of winter in clean soil that has been amended with good quality compost. Sow seed in rows that are 1/2” deep and 5” apart. Later in the season (towards the end of spring), you can plant onion sets for slicing onions.


Fresh herbs are essential to a delicious spring salad. Whether you add them to the salad or to the dressing, the incredible flavors have uses that go far beyond the salad garden but if you add them to your planting repertoire you will enjoy herbs in your dishes throughout the year.

Whatever tasty edibles you choose, we know you will enjoy your salad garden and the healthy food options it gives to your family!

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