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Pick the Perfect De-fence

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Advanced
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Deer fence - ST - 580x330

Wild animals are unwanted guests in the garden. To keep your garden from being destroyed, install a good fence. Fences are reliable long-term, year-round protection against animals.

How to Install  Animal-Proof Fencing:

  1. Know your animals. You can’t choose the right fence until you know who you’re trying to keep out. Eastern cottontail rabbits can be deterred with 2’ fencing but jackrabbits need 3’. Deer require 8′-10’ fencing, an electric fence or possibly a double fence.
  2. For digging or burrowing animals, bury chicken wire, hardware cloth or concrete blocks in the ground 2’ or more.
  3. Split-rail and picket fences need to be backed with a field fence or chicken wire to deter small animals.
  4. If you don’t want to fence your whole yard or garden, install wire cages around specific plants.
  5. Fences don’t always have to be constructed of wood or metal. For example, large ornamental grasses deter deer who are frightened by the sound of rustling grass and unable to see past them for possible danger.

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