Personalize Your Garden with Accents

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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2-4 hours


Garden Bench - ST - 580x330

Close your eyes and recall the most beautiful garden you’ve ever seen. Now, mentally take away the plants. What do you see? Maybe you visualize a bubbling fountain, a bench, or paths strewn with pine straw or mulch. Do you feel the crunch of gravel beneath your feet as you walk through a gated arbor?

These are called landscape features or accents, and they provide interest even when the garden is at rest. They can also frame a view or offer peaceful sounds.

Add Landscape Features:

  1. Arbors and gates welcome you to the garden and frame the view. Planted with roses or vining plants, they also make a colorful statement.
  2. Paths lead people where they should walk, as well as define the landscape’s parameters. Wood mulch, pea gravel, decomposed granite or even bricks are good materials to use. Paths should be 4’ wide to accommodate two people walking side-by-side.
  3. Benches should be part of every garden landscape if only to remind the gardener to sit down and enjoy the beauty. Benches can be made of grapevine, wood, concrete or other materials. Be sure to choose a comfortable bench.
  4. Birdhouses and birdbaths help our feathered friends, deliver a whimsical feel and provide hours of enjoyment.
  5. Statues and fountains create a focal point and draw the eye into the garden.


Remember a little artistry goes a long way. If you add too many different accents to a garden, it can appear cluttered and busy. Choose a particular style and stick with it.

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