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Perfect Out-of-this-World Pentas

Home Depot
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Duration: 1 hour


Pentas | The Home Depot's Garden Club

A true star of the garden, pentas are one of the most popular summer flowers. The sparkling star-shaped red, pink or white flower clusters are a favorite of butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.

This tender perennial, also known as starflower, thrives on warmth and will bloom nonstop all summer when given a little care.

Please Pentas With Proper Care:

  1. Clip off old blooms once a week to encourage new growth. Make clean cuts to the soft stems. If you have leggy plants that have not been pruned since spring, use hedge clippers to cut the plants back by 1/3 their size.
  2. Water container-grown pentas frequently in hot weather. Allow well-rooted garden plants to dry out between deep drenchings.
  3. Mulch established plants with compost to help retain soil moisture and insulate the roots from daytime heating.
  4. Fertilize pentas in garden beds every 4-6 weeks. Either drench plants with a liquid fertilizer, or spread a time-release plant food around the plants. Fertilize pentas in containers with a few drops of liquid plant food at least once a week.


Pentas blossoms will often last three to four days in cut flower arrangements.

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