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Peonies in Bloom

Martha Stewart
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You can’t help but notice one area of my garden in June—the herbaceous peony garden.


Every spring, I look forward to watching this garden rapidly burst back to life.


Depending on the weather, peonies typically begin blooming in May and will continue throughout June, when they are in their full glory.


I adore peonies of all types and have been successfully growing them for many years, constantly adding to my collection.


Peonies come in an exquisite array of colors—red, coral, purple, pink, yellow, white and multicolored—as well as eight different flower forms.


But don’t let their showy blooms deter you, peonies are surprisingly easy to grow and will live for decades. Because they are naturally disease—and deer—resistant, peonies can be grown without the use of chemicals, and once established in full, bright sun, these prolific bloomers will actually thrive on neglect.


Peonies do require a winter chill, so they are best grown in the cooler climates of Zones 3 to 8.


A little patience will be required, as like most perennials, peonies will take three years to become fully established in your garden. You will see some flowers before the third year, but it takes three springs before the plant is mature enough to flower prolifically. It’s definitely worth the wait.


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