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Get 10 Patio Ideas for Outdoor Inspiration

Renee Valdes
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Make easy updates to your outdoor space ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Get patio ideas for outdoor inspiration as you spring into the season with simple changes to your outside space. Now is a great time to start planning for a season outdoors. It takes just a few accessories to transition and reset your outdoor living space from one season to the next.  

Colorful pillows, fragrant flowers and leafy foliage, flickering lanterns, glowing string lights and cheerful wreaths make for quick and inexpensive ways to bring renewed optimism to your outdoor space. You can build on what you have each season without starting over. However, if you’ve got a bit more room in your budget, get started on your porch or add an extra patio seating set. 

10 Patio Ideas for Outdoor Inspiration

Get Inspiration and Start Planning Now for a Season Outdoors ll The Home Depot Garden Club

1. Spring into color

In patio furniture sets, look for colors that say spring with neutrals and all shades of blue, from indigo to turquoise. Pair with white accessories for a fresh vibe. With modern, classic and farmhouse, it’s easy to find the look that suits your style. If you like to mix and match, try customizing your outdoor furniture. Though fabrics repel water, don’t forget patio furniture covers for the ultimate protection from debris or pollen.


Learn how to make a basket wreath for your door ll The Home Depot Garden Club
2. Celebrate with wreaths

Changing out your wreath signals a switch in seasons. Hydrangeas and other blossoms make great live wreaths for spring, including in this DIY basket wreath. Try faux boxwood, magnolia or succulent wreaths that you can use year after year. Those are just some options. Check out these wreaths for additional ideas.

Put these pretty pineapple lanterns in your outdoor room for a decorative touch ll The Home Depot Garden Club

3. A love of lanterns

Lanterns can transition from season to season. Just add candles and the ambiance is set. They’re a great staple on your balcony, patio, deck, front porch or around a screened-in area. Anywhere they’re placed outside, lanterns fill your space with a decorative touch. 

Brightly colored string lights bring a festive air to entertaining outdoors ll The Home Depot Garden Club

4. Capture the mood lighting

String lights bring a festive mood to any space. Light up the night with clear lights or go for a dramatic look with color. Lighting can also mean pathway lighting and stairway lighting. Strategically placed, it will light the way to your outdoor space or a doorway.


Bright colored front door

5. Bold is beautiful

Brush on a new coat of front door paint and freshen up your outdoor space. Enhance your outdoor decor using a bold, new hue or stick to neutrals and use color in planters by the door. Just be cautious when changing door colors in subdivisions with restrictions.


An outdoor room needs an outdoor rug to define your space ll The Home Depot Garden Club

6. Leafy therapy in the garden

Because your outdoor space is a place to unwind, don’t forget to add foliage. After all, garden plants help us breathe better and relax. Flower-filled planters or containers with greenery can be the perfect addition in a defined area.



Relax with plush pillows as you picnic outside ll The Home Depot Garden Club

7. Relax with plush pillows

Put pillows outdoors for a quick, budget-friendly way to add pops of color. Comfy outdoor pillows make your space more inviting, too. Need a fresh look for your patio? You can change out your outdoor cushions when they’re looking tired or worn without needing to purchase new patio furniture.

An outdoor rug is easy to clean and stains wipe off fast ll The Home Depot Garden Club
8. Define your outdoor space

Outdoor rugs can be as important as the pillows. Easy-to-clean and quick to wash away spills, outdoor rugs bring color and versatility to your outdoor space. They also frame small spaces in your garden.


Garden benches bring additional seating options in your outdoor space ll The Home Depot Garden Club

9. Garden benches with endless potential

Use garden benches in small spaces in your garden and they become extra seating when friends, family or neighbors stop in. The metal garden bench above uses extra plush pillows and a decorative throw for added comfort when drinking your morning coffee or when you want to sit down and read a magazine or book.



Umbrella sets the stage with color in your outdoor space ll The Home Depot Garden Club

10. All under one umbrella

With solar lighting underneath an oversized umbrella in your outdoor space, you’ll have ambient lighting at night and during the day, keeping the sun away. Patio umbrellas by themselves or inserted in your patio table help keep the temperature down, too, during the heat of the day.

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