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Fill Your Home with Holiday Cheer, Color and Aroma

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner

Holiday Cheer - ST -580x330

Nothing brightens the winter months like the color or fragrance of paperwhites and amaryllis. These flowering bulbs are easy to grow, inexpensive, and promise spectacular blooms, lovely fragrance and lush green foliage in the dead of winter.

Choose kits that come complete with bulbs, pot and soil. Or, do it yourself with individual bulbs potted in your own containers.

Whichever you choose, fill your house with holiday cheer by potting up lots of flowering bulbs.

Growing Holiday Bulbs Indoors:

  1. Select a container that suits the size of the bulbs.
  2. Fill container two-third’s full with moist potting soil.
  3. Place bulbs on top of soil.
  4. Add more soil to cover up to the “shoulders” of the bulbs. Tamp down gently to firm the soil.
  5. Water with lukewarm water. Do not overwater or the bulbs might rot.
  6. Cover surface with decorative moss, if you wish.
  7. Place container in a sunny spot away from drafts and hot air vents. Keep in temperatures above 60 degrees.
  8. Once growth starts, insert stakes into the container, taking care not to pierce bulbs. Stakes should be 12”-18” long for paperwhites and 18”-24” for amaryllis.
  9. Loosely weave twine, string or ribbon up the stakes to keep flowers from falling over.
  10. Keep soil moist, but not soggy.
  11. Once flowering is finished, compost paperwhites and soil, as they will not flower again. When amaryllis are finished flowering, cut the stalk at the base, but don’t cut the leaves. With proper care and feeding, amaryllis can bloom again.

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