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Grass Shabby and Brown? Don’t Be Afraid to Overseed Now.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: Weekend

Garden tips by region grass-seed

Overseeding is one of the most important tasks in growing a healthy, lush lawn. The most common reasons for overseeding are reviving a tired or damaged lawn, repairing brown or yellow spots, or restoring die-out beneath shade trees and compacted areas. If you don’t overseed, lawns grow thin and unhealthy, making it much easier for weeds to take over.

Overseeding is also a great way to transition from water-loving grasses to naturally drought-resistant varieties, like fescue. Or you may want to plant more pest-resistant varieties, like endophyte-treated grass seed. 

Here’s How to Overseed Your Lawn:

  1. Mow your lawn on the short side so seed filters down to the soil.
  2. Set your spreader to the designated seed delivery rate as indicated on the seed package.
  3. Test your spreader on the pavement to make sure it’s delivering evenly, then sweep up the seed and reuse it.
  4. Carefully run the spreader over your entire lawn without overlapping for uniform distribution.
  5. Turn around and run the spreader in the opposite direction.
  6. Optional: Apply a thin layer of compost over the lawn to cover the seed. Rake in thoroughly so it settles down on top of the seed.
  7. Water deeply and evenly.
  8. Keep lawn moist for 2 weeks after overseeding.


Use seed packaged for the current year. Older seed gradually loses its viability, which reduces the percentage of seed that sprouts. Even if you have leftover seed, avoid risk by purchasing fresh seed every season.

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