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Defend Your Castle. Spray Today to Keep Cockroaches and Fire Ants Away.

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2 hours

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When your yard wakes up in spring, so do yard pests. Let them multiply, and they’ll annoy you all summer long. The best way to make outdoor living areas pest-free is to spray the perimeter of your home and yard.

A perimeter spray around the house keeps creepy, crawly pests from entering through small cracks and gaps. Controlling them at the property line keeps them out of your yard entirely. When you use pesticides with long-term residual effectiveness, it keeps kids, pets and everyone else free of those creepy undesirables for up to a year.

Here’s How:

  1. Purchase a pesticide for outdoor use and for the specific pests you wish to control. Choose one with a built-in applicator wand.
  2. Use rubber gloves whenever you handle pesticide.
  3. Turn off your automatic sprinklers for 24 hours so the pesticide has time to work.
  4. Select a day that is perfectly calm so spray won’t drift on the breeze.
  5. Begin by spraying a 3’ band along the entire base of the house foundation to kill overwintering bugs and their eggs.
  6. Spray the perimeter of your yard to create a moat of residual pest control to keep pests from entering.
  7. Keep pets and kids out of the sprayed area until all the pesticide has completely dried.

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