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Orchid Wall Hanging

Martha Stewart
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This beautiful wall hanging made of orchids and cork bark is a perfect handmade gift for anyone who loves plants.

Tools and Materials

  • Screw eyes
  • Cork bark
  • Wire
  • Miniature orchids
  • Small paintbrush
  • Long-handled tweezers
  • Sphagnum moss
  • T-pins
  • Monofilament
  • Scissors
  • Large needle
  • Fern moss
  • Live Spanish moss
  • Spray bottle filled with pure water

Put screw eyes into back of cork bark. Attach hanging wire, threading through screw eyes; set aside.
2. Unwrap orchids and clean the roots using water, a brush, and tweezers.
3. Find a good opening on bark where the orchid roots will be able to nestle. Fill crevice with pre-moistened sphagnum moss. Place orchid roots on moss. Press two T-pins into the bark on either side. Tie monofilament onto one pin, leaving two ends. Attach to other pin, using a large needle to thread the monofilament through the roots to secure.
4. Lightly pack fern or Spanish moss around the roots, concealing monofilament and pins.
5. Spray with water.

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