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It’s Not Too Late to Plant a Garden

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner


Plant a Garden | The Home Depot's Garden Club

It’s easy to keep a vegetable garden healthy and productive through fall. Your biggest challenge is to protect new plantings from intense midsummer sun.

Start by choosing your favorite crops that grow well in late summer and follow a few easy steps for a fresh, healthy harvest.

Midsummer Planting Basics:

  1. Remove plants past their prime. Compost.
  2. Plant a final round of warm-season veggies such as fast-growing bush beans, cucumbers, pole beans and summer squash.
  3. Grow Asian vegetables such as Chinese cabbage and bok choy from late summer to fall, when days are getting shorter instead of longer. These vigorous veggies are easy to grow from seed or transplanted seedlings.
  4. Start young greens from seed for top quality crops of crisp, flavorful leaves. Gorgeous greens such as chard, kale and collards can be phenomenally productive until cold winter weather stops their growth.
  5. Feed new plantings with a balanced, organic fertilizer according to directions.
  6. Water beds well. Carrots, beets and other root veggies need a daily soaking to jumpstart the seedlings in warm soil.
  7. Cover direct-seeded beds with shade covers. Cover seedlings with a flowerpot for their first two days in the garden.

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