My Thriving Citrus Collection

Martha Stewart
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One of my favorite flavors is lemon, so you are probably not surprised that I grow many different kinds of citrus. I am very fortunate to be able to grow citrus plants here in the frigid Northeast, because of my greenhouse. During the freezing winter months, my potted citrus trees thrive there; right now they are in full flower and some of them are fruiting. 


Not only are citrus fruits nutritious and delicious to eat in many different ways—juicing, baking, and preserving—they are also a beautiful and very fragrant houseplants. They are surprisingly easy to grow, and you don’t need to have a greenhouse if you are in a cold climate; a sunny window in your home will do just fine. 


There is nothing more satisfying than growing and picking your own fruit. And by growing your own, you will be able to grow varieties that you just can’t buy in grocery stores, such as the juicy and sweet Nagami kumquat or the utterly delicious Meyer lemon.

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