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Mums the Word for Fall Decorating

Emmaline Harvey
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Mums are the most popular and easiest way to decorate your home and garden for fall. Available in a variety of brilliant shades, mums can be used both indoors and out to spread some autumn joy.

Mums bloom late in the season and thrive in cool weather, so if you intend to plant them or display them potted outdoors, purchase blooms that are still budded. Once the mums are home and planted in your yard, they will appreciate the cooler outdoor weather and the blossoms will open up beautifully.

As you plan your outdoor decor, begin with the mailbox. Plant a mailbox garden using mums of varying colors, or set up harvest-themed decor paired with mums and complementary hued pansies and flowering kale.

For a harvest-themed garden display, rummage around your attic or visit some garage sales to see if you can locate an old rusty wheelbarrow or some well-worn clay pots.

Designate a section of your front yard for the display – whether as part of the mailbox garden or closer to the front door – and clear the area. Tilt the wheelbarrow on its side and pour potting soil into the basin of the wheelbarrow. Spread more soil off the edge and onto the ground to surround the basin and make it look as though the soil is spilling out of the overturned wheelbarrow. Plant the mums in the soil and mix in autumn ferns and snapdragons.

For a small scale variation of this idea, use overturned pots. Add some garden gloves and a rusty trowel nearby to complete the charming, rustic look.

Mums on porch steps - SS - 398x560

Closer to the house, line your front walkway or front porch steps with individual mums potted in festive pots that will withstand rain. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even pot your mums in an actual pumpkin! Use this guide to learn how to make this creative decoration.

For indoor decorating, go ahead and jump on those fully blossomed plants at the store. The pumpkin planters are particularly effective indoors, and of course you can always bring potted mums inside for a touch of fall anywhere. 

Another option for bringing some color inside is this centerpiece project. It’s perfect for a fall-themed table.


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