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Introducing the Muddy Boots

Home Depot
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The Muddy Boots are an elite team of Home Depot Associates from all across the country and all walks of life who share a love for gardening.

(We call them The Muddy Boots because they are our “Boots On the Ground” reporting staff, bringing you tips for your region. Why “Muddy”? Because – just like you – they aren’t afraid of a little dirt in the name of good gardening.)

As part of the Garden Club, the Muddy Boots will add local and regional information on a variety of topics throughout the year. From choosing the right plants to go with your favorite Garden Club Project to figuring out what type of vegetables grow best where you live, the Muddy Boots team will offer their unique regional insight only at the Home Depot Garden Club.




Name: Crystal
Location: Whitehall, NY

Bio: Crystal is the mother of twin one-year-old boys, the wife of a Home Depot Receiving Supervisor, and an avid gardener.

Crystal started working at The Home Depot as a cashier in 2004 while attending college and now holds a B.A. in Fine Arts, a Master’s in Art Education, and a Master’s in Special Education.

I love to vegetable garden and flower garden,” Crystal says, “and we thrive on the food we grow for the entire summer and throughout the year. I freeze and can my foods as well as dehydrate them.”

Name: Dinah
Location: Glastonbury, CT

Bio: Dinah has been gardening on and off since she was a child. Currently she’s exploring container gardens, and she loves growing vegetables and flowers and working in the Home Depot Garden Center in Glastonbury, CT.

In the summer, I work mostly outside with the live goods, but I work the whole department as well.” she says.

At one time, she grew edibles & flowers in tiers she made, but containers are her passion right now. “I’m looking forward to seeing the results and sharing what I learn.



Name: Melanie
Location: Mansfield, OH

Bio: Mel has been gardening as long as she can remember and loving every minute of it. One of her fondest memories is of planting jonquil seed heads given to her by her great aunt when she was just five.

She is a 7 ½ year vet at The Home Depot, and has been a volunteer at Blendon Woods Metro Park in Columbus for over 15 years; so long in fact, that she has a tree planted there in her name!

Mel loves animals and has quite a few, including a snake rescued from inside a Home Depot store!


Name: Joe
Location: St Louis, MO

Bio: Joe is a fairly new addition to The Home Depot family, but he has been gardening since he was 3 years old and has been a professional landscaper for 15 years. He owns and operates a landscaping company in the St Louis area.

“I’m a member of the APLD (Association of Professional Landscape Designers), and certified by the NCMA in Level One retaining walls,” says Joe.


 Kelly2 002.JPG

Name: Kelly
Location: Mansfield, OH

Bio: Kelly has been gardening “since I was old enough to stick my hands in the dirt.” She is studying to become a kindergarten teacher and still found time to help launch a community garden at her Home Depot store in Normal, IL.

It’s 100% free,” she says. “Anybody can garden, and anybody can harvest. We tell them, ‘if it’s ripe, it’s yours.’” Surplus produce is donated to local charities.

As much as Kelly loves gardening, what she likes most is working with people. 




Name: Travis
Location: Atlanta, GA

Bio:  You probably already know Travis if you are a member of the Home Depot Community. He’s known as LawnRanger there and he’s part of the team that works hard to answer your How-To questions.  He’s been a garden guy at The Home Depot since 1990. He’s also a devoted family man, sports car enthusiast, bicyclist and eternal optimist.
“I’m certified as a Georgia Green Industry Plant Professional since 1992, Home Depot Certified Nursery Consultant and Power Equipment Specialist.”


Name: Ingar
Location: Atlanta, GA

Bio: My name is Ingar and I have been with Home Depot now for 16 years working as my store’s horticulturist. Even before coming on board at Home Depot, I was going to school for horticulture and working at a nursery.

Over the years I have specialized in turf and landscape management and fine-tuned my skills dealing with experts and enthusiasts in my field.

I stand 6’ 9” tall and love to spend my time in Cape San Blas Florida kayak fishing.





Name: Gail
Location: Garden Grove, CA

Bio: Gail Noble has been a Home Depot store associate for 21 years. She’s also a Home Depot Garden Certified Nursery Consultant and has been a member of the California Association of Nurserymen for over 25 years.

“I also have a certification in weeds, insects, and diseases,” Gail says. “In my spare time, I work with local rescue groups for animals, including cats, dogs, chickens, and rabbits. One of my favorite hobbies is making jams and jellies with the many fruit trees and vines in my yard.”





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