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Cool Weather Mowing Tips For a Greener Spring

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour

gardening tips by region - cool weather mowing

Lawns grow fastest during warm weather, but they also continue to grow during cooler months. Your goal is to reduce your mowing schedule to once a month. Stop mowing when the temperature falls below 50 degrees for a week.

Late-Season Mowing Tips:

  1. Keep the mower’s wheels on the highest setting. Longer grass with deeper roots better withstands drought and suppresses weeds.
  2. Mow when grass is dry and at least 3 1/2” tall. Never cut shorter than 2 1/2” or remove more than 1/3 the height — or you risk shocking it into decline. Aim to literally take the “top” off.
  3. Leave grass clippings. They return nutrients to the soil and help it retain water without smothering the lawn.
  4. In areas subject to snow cover, reduce the incidence of snow mold (gray or pink patches in spring) by gradually reducing the mowing height. Take the mowing height down one notch at a time — but not every time — for the last few mowings of the season until you’ve reached 2”.


Remember to change your mowing pattern for more upright growth and reduced ruts in the lawn.

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