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Give Bermuda and Zoysia Grasses a Buzz Cut Today

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Difficulty: Beginner

Garden tips by region grass-mower

If your grass turns brown in the winter, speed spring green-up by scalping the lawn in early spring. 

Scalping, or cutting grass on the lowest setting, is an annual practice in warmer climates where Bermuda and Zoysia are the predominant lawn grasses. These winter dormant species turn straw colored during the cooler part of the year.

Scalping occurs when more than 1/3 of the grass blade is removed. This removes dead grass and helps the sun warm the soil more quickly to stimulate earlier green-up.

Only scalp Bermuda or Zoysia after all danger of frost has passed, but before it has started to grow.

The Easiest Way to Scalp Your Lawn:

  1. Look closely at your dormant lawn for green shoots. You do not want to scalp the lawn after it begins to green up naturally. 
  2. Set your mower on its lowest setting.
  3. If your lawn is unusually long or dense, set it halfway between highest and lowest settings and mow. Then reset to the lowest setting and mow again.
  4. Mow the lawn and bag the clippings.
  5. Water thoroughly.

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