Light Up Mother’s Day with a Hurricane Vase Planter

Lucy Mercer
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2 hours


Make Mom’s special day even more so with a gussied-up terra cotta planter that lights up the dinner table indoors or out. The family can put this pretty planter together in an afternoon, using materials from The Home Depot and crafts stores. (Photos by Lucy Mercer)

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Step 1

Begin with a large terra cotta pot. This project is lovely with a plain terra cotta pot, but embellishing with paint and stencils adds a personal touch. Choose favorite paint colors that coordinate with table settings and linens. This look was achieved with two coats of spray paint, left to dry overnight, then white paint sprayed over a stencil. Seal with a clear spray.


Step 2

Place gravel in the bottom of the larger pot. Use the smaller pot as a guide to determine how much gravel to use. You want the rim of the smaller pot to be flush with the rim of the larger pot.

Step 3

Place smaller pot inside of larger pot. Place gravel in bottom of smaller pot. Fill to the rim with decorative pebbles such as pearl stone.

Step 4

Using a trowel, carefully fill in the gap with potting soil. With your hands, lightly pack the soil.

Step 5

Place flowers in the rim of the new planter. Pansies and violas are a colorful choice, but other flowers would work well, too. Consider vinca, petunias, dwarf impatiens, or even succulents. 

Step 6

The final touches are adding an LED votive and hurricane vase to the decorative gravel. LED candles remain cool to the touch, and are safe with live plants. And no worries if you get busy with the party and forget to turn off the light. Settle the hurricane vase down into the gravel for stability. Be sure to water the flowers frequently, and enjoy weeks of glowing blooms this summer. (Photos by Lucy Mercer)





Garden gloves

Paint brushes (optional)

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