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Martha’s To-Do List: National

Martha Stewart
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Each month, the Garden Club features the Martha Stewart gardening To Do list. Follow along each month to make sure you’re keeping on top of – and ahead of – the seasons!

July is the height of summer.  Those mild spring temperatures have been traded for sultry days and humid nights.  The upside is the vegetable garden is thriving.  The challenge is heading off problems before they get too big, and they can get out of hand quickly at this time of the season.  As always, there is plenty to keep me busy, and that’s why I use my to-do lists.

• Cut back the remaining daffodil foliage in the lawns.

• Plant out broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts seedlings.

• Add an additional ½ inch of compost around plants to keep them from bolting and setting seed.

• Place paper collars around seedlings to ward off cutworms.

• Start seeds of basil, cilantro, dill, and parsley.

• Continue pinching out suckering growth on tomatoes for better, bigger fruit.

• Cut back asters, mums, and toad lilies for the final time by July 4th.

• Harvest remaining, fully dried foxglove stalks and sprinkle seeds through the flower borders.

• Start pansy seeds for fall plantings.

• Maintain weekly fertilizing of all the tropicals in containers.  Watch for yellowing leaves on citrus and apply liquid chelated iron as needed according to label.

• Check for slugs in shade gardens and apply diatomaceous earth to areas where damage is seen.

• File and sharpen edges of shovels, spades.  Check blades of pruners and hand saws and replace as needed.


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