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Martha’s Poinsettia Guide

Martha Stewart
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Poinsettias - MSL - 400x560

While the vibrant red poinsettia is a traditional symbol of the holiday season, many people don’t know that this classic Christmas plant comes in more than 200 varieties and a range of festive colors.

Horticulturist Lloyd Traven of Pennsylvania’s Peace Tree Farm shares some unique varieties of this popular wintertime plant.

Buying tip: The colorful part of a poinsettia plant is a bract, or modified leaf. The actual flower of the poinsettia is the tiny “cup” in the center of the bract, called a cyathia. When buying poinsettias, make sure the cyathia is present and healthy.


Reminiscent of variegated holly branches, the Tapestry plant has yellow variegated leaves with a dark Merlot-color bract on the top. 

Tapestry Poinsettia - MSL - 560x400



This hot pink plant is a modern crossbreed from Japan.

Visions of Grandeur

A fluffy and feminine plant, the Visions of Grandeur poinsettia blooms a beautiful shell pink.

Grandeur Poinsettia - MSL - 560x400



The Ice Punch poinsettia has leaves with rosy-red edges and white centers that look like frosting.

Premium Picasso

Small dots of red and white resemble tiny brushstrokes on the leaves of this colorful plant.

Picasso Poinsettia - MSL - 560x400


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