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Give Veggie Beds a Makeover

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate



A new planting season means your veggie bed deserves a makeover. Soil enriched regularly with organic matter steadily improves over time, making it even easier to grow good things to eat.

Now is the time to improve soil and correct problems to ensure a successful harvest next year.  

Do A Veggie Bed Makeover:  

  1. If you haven’t done so, perform a soil test to ensure plants get the nutrients they need.
  2. Remove weeds, large rocks and any roots that have invaded the bed.  
  3. Push a spading fork deep into the soil and wiggle. Punch holes a few inches apart throughout bed to break up and aerate compacted soil.
  4. Add any amendments indicated by your soil test. Rake 2” of compost and amendments lightly into holes.
  5. Rake the bed level.  
  6. Mulch with composted materials such as rotted leaves, humus or yard waste to prevent erosion and compaction.  
  7. Make repairs to raised beds.  


In termite-prone areas, the most worry-free raised bed planks are lightweight composite lumber, which also resist rotting.

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