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How to Make a Stacked Flowerpot Centerpiece

Renee Valdes
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


Make a stacked flowerpot centerpiece ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Make a stacked flower centerpiece with succulents that will take you from Thanksgiving to Christmas when you switch out the decorations. 

To create this simple stacked flowerpot centerpiece, you’ll use two clay flowerpots, three plant saucers and some glue. To give it a vintage-chic look, white wash the flowerpots with paint. To finish, plant succulents, add a candle on top and decorate.

Just imagine how this stacked flowerpot centerpiece will look on your dining table. Or use this tiered centerpiece as you decorate a console or coffee table for the holidays.  


How to make a stacked flowerpot centerpiece ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Tools and materials:



How to Make a Stacked Flowerpot Centerpiece

Paint your stacked flowerpot centerpiece ll The Home Depot Garden Club

1. Paint flowerpots

Cover a table in your workspace with builder’s paper or a drop cloth. To white wash the flowerpots, put on your plastic gloves and pour a dime-sized amount of white acrylic paint onto a rag. Rub the paint onto the terra cotta pots and plant saucers one by one. Use circular motions for the saucers. Rub up and down for the flowerpots. Clay flowerpots soak up the white wash easily but be sure to rub in the white paint to give your centerpiece a rustic appearance.

Repeat until all the flowerpots and plant saucers are covered. For more color, add a band of rose gold or bronze around the saucers. 


How to make a stacked flowerpot centerpiece ll The Home Depot Garden Club

2. Glue flowerpots  

Arrange your flowerpots and stack them starting with the largest saucer (10-inch) on the bottom. Next, turn over your 6-inch flowerpot and stack it on top of the saucer. Now add the medium saucer (8-inch) on top, then a smaller, 4-inch flowerpot. Top off your stacked flowerpots with the smallest saucer of 6 inches.
Glue all your flowerpots together to create the design arrangement for the tiered succulent centerpiece. Make sure to use a permanent bonding glue that will stick to terra cotta pots. 

Plant succulents in your stacked flowerpot centerpiece

3. Plant succulents

Using your hand trowel or soil scoop, add succulent potting soil to the bottom two levels of your tiered centerpiece. Plant the larger succulents on the lower level and the smaller succulents on the middle level.

If needed, deconstruct the succulents and remove dirt as you plant them on the tiered centerpiece.

Make a stacked flowerpot centerpiece for the holidays ll The Home Depot Garden Club

4. Enjoy!

When enjoying the holidays, make sure to have this stacked flowerpot centerpiece at the center of everything. It will take you from one holiday to the next and beyond. 

For Thanksgiving, keep the succulents while also decorating with mini pumpkins, gourds and small pine cones. To change it up for Christmas, remove the mini pumpkins and gourds and tuck in Christmas ornaments, wrap around some fairy lights and insert cuttings from your yard, such as holly and berries and rose hips.

Just add a candleholder, such as a set of silver mercury candleholders, and insert some candles.

Then, all you need is to light the way to the table. 

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