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How to Make Plant Charms for Your Houseplants

Lucy Mercer
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Duration: 2-4 hours


Plant Charms | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Embellish your houseplants with these charming plant charms. These disks of polymer clay, imprinted with inspirational messages, are attached to copper wires. 

Place the plant charms in a houseplant pot and present to friends. Tailor the project to holidays, with Christmas wishes, verses for Valentine’s and garden encouragement for summer. 


Houseplant Charms | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Make Houseplant Charms:


Plant Charms | The Home Depot's Garden Club


  • Remove polymer clay from package. Knead it with your hands until it is pliable. Place on parchment paper and roll it into a disk about 1/4 inch thick. Use a biscuit cutter, cookie cutter, or other round shape (such as a glass or spray bottle cap) to cut a circle. Re-use the scraps.
  • Take a knife and trim the edges. Poke a hole for hanging. (Tips of scissors, a chopstick or a drinking straw are all good for this task.)
  • Set up the letters that you will use in the order you will use them. Keep a paper towel handy because the metal letters are treated with oil to prevent rust. You may even want to sketch out how the words will be spaced. Press the letters into the clay. Using the tip of a paring knife or a bamboo skewer, draw flowers, leaves and other freehand art into the clay. If you have craft stamps, give them a try. You can also freehand letters.

Plant Charms | The Home Depot's Garden Club

  • After designing your charms, follow package directions to bake the polymer clay disks. Remove from oven and place on counter to cool.
  • Paint plant charms with acrylic paints.
  • With wire snips, cut 10-inch lengths of copper wire. Attach disk to one end and bend the wire into a shepherd’s crook shape.
  • Insert plant charms into houseplants and present.


Plant Charms | The Home Depot's Garden Club


Plant Charm Inspiration:

Plant Charms | The Home Depot's Garden Club

“Merry Christmas” for the holidays.


Plant Charms | The Home Depot's Garden Club

“Stuck on You” for a Valentine’s cactus.

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