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How to Make a Patriotic Bandana Wreath

Renee Valdes
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Difficulty: Beginner


DIY Bandana Wreath

Make a wreath that shows your patriotic side. This red, white and blue wreath is simple to create and involves no sewing or gluing.


DIY Bandana Wreath


Steps for creating star wreath

DIY Bandana Wreath

Step 1: Spray paint the star

Many of the stars come in packages of three and sizes vary. We chose to use the smallest star in our set, which was 14 inches. Paint the star using white spray paint with a gloss or matte finish. Spray a second coat if necessary.


Step 2: Bandana Wreath

 Step 2: Cut bandanas in half

While the painted star is drying, lay out all the bandanas and then fold in half. Now cut each one along the fold line. Bandanas typically come folded so it’s easy to use the natural fold. 


DIY Bandana Wreath

Step 3: Tie bandanas to wreath

Take your cut bandanas and fold them again so the seams are inside. Fold them to about 2 inches wide being sure to keep the pattern symmetrical.

Now take a folded bandana and tuck underneath the wreath form so the loop remains on the outside and two ends on the inside. Hold the loop in one hand and in the other, grab the two ends on the inside and wrap over the top of the wreath form and through the loop. Gently pull and tighten around the wreath form. 

Keep doing this for each bandana, making sure to alternate your bandana colors. You could also change it up with two red and two blue, depending on your preferred design. Or do all blue then all red.

When each bandana is tightened, you should have one bandana per inch of space on the 18-inch wreath form.


DIY Bandana Wreath

Step 4: Attach star to wreath

Cut a 10-inch piece of floral wire. Guide the piece of wire through the hole on the back of the star and twist so it holds. Now take the wire from the back of the star and secure it to the wreath form.

Tuck the wires underneath the bandanas so they do not show. Once the star is on tight, make an extra loop. Twist to secure so you can hang your project in the next step.


DIY Bandana Wreath

Step 5: Hang it up

Hang the wreath using a removable hook or wreath hanger. This versatile wreath works well any time of year, though for the Fourth of July, it will make your entryway a star.

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Contributing editors: Allison Cawley and Lucy Mercer

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