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Make Your Landscape Scream Halloween

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2-4 hours


Get a scream out of Halloween decorating ll The Home Depot Garden Club

When pumpkins and fall flowers start showing up, it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit.

Use what you have in your yard, such as dying flowers, dried branches or leaves, or gourds from the garden to create decorations to make friends scream with delight.

7 Fun and Easy Halloween Decorations:

  1. Arrange faux headstones in fading flower beds, or around shriveled vines and dead stems in the vegetable patch. Mound new soil in front of them for a “grave” look. After Halloween, gently work the soil into the beds, being careful not to disturb plant roots.
  2. Drape miniature outdoor lights over shrubs and wind them around tree branches.
  3. Replace porch lights with outdoor bulbs in Halloween colors like purple, green and orange.
  4. Carve real or faux pumpkins and light them with battery-operated outdoor candles. Line a walk or driveway with them, or set them on hay bales in the yard. Try this DIY carved pumpkin arrangement.
  5. Pour washable paint into a paint tray or tray liner, step into it and then stroll across your porch. Carry an old towel, so you can wipe off before you walk back. Note: Use only paint that is AP (Approved Product) certified non-toxic and non-injurious. And test the paint in an inconspicuous place before you use it on your porch to make sure it will wash off completely.
  6. Make a focal point around a tree, birdbath or fountain with pots of white flowers, variegated ivy, green and white ornamental cabbages, green and white gourds and white pumpkins. Stake landscape lights nearby for a ghostly glow.
  7. Tear cheesecloth into ragged strips, and rip holes in them. Attach the strips to your porch or tree branches and add fake spiders so trick-or-treaters will see them on their way to your door.

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