Make a Jack-O’-Lantern from a Galvanized Bucket

Lucy Mercer
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Difficulty: Beginner


Turn a galvanized bucket into a jack-o’-lantern with this crafty cutout. Fill with fall mums and pansies in shades of yellow, red, orange and purple, and display on your front porch or patio.

The secret is flexible magnetic sheets cut into shapes to create funny and spooky faces.

Photos by Laura Mercer

Step 1

Take inspiration from craft jack-o’-lanterns or Pinterest, and trace or draw freehand on the magnetic sheeting. 

Step 2

Freehand draw a jack-o’-lantern’s eyes, nose and grin on the flexible magnetic sheeting.

Step 3

Use scissors to cut out the shapes.

Step 4

Peel off the backing so that both sides are black.

Step 5

Place the magnets on the bucket sticky side out. The magnets are easy to reposition if you need to adjust them.

Step 6

Once you make one of these, search your house and craft stores for potential metal containers.

This craft store watering can makes a perfect mini jack-o’-lantern to give as a favor at a Halloween party. Just fill with a single pansy and a bit of sheet moss.

Step 7

Play around with faces and flowers to create your own special Halloween display.

And when the party’s over after Oct. 31, just peel off the face parts and place them on a sheet of waxed paper and save for next year. (You could also just turn the bucket around so the magnets aren’t facing forward.)


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